Written by IMPROV

Seeing that I'm not feeling particularly creative... I've decided to have all of you endure a little bitch session. Actually, if you're a parent, consider this a wake up call! Just a little background note... I'm 22 my girlfriend of about 7 months is 18. Over all I have never been more in love with anyone in my entire life. And I'm sure that it is genuine because we're past the infatuation stage. Now, the issue at hand is not the relationship itself, it's her parents. Nice middle class Irish Catholic family. I'm Anglican (which basically means I'm a lazy Catholic) so religion is not an issue. My girlfriend , is (to quote John Bender of the Breakfast Club) "a parent's wet dream" A student, plays several musical instruments, takes place in many excetera curricular activities and rarely fights with her three siblings.

Then there's me: average student while in high school, took one year of college, dropped out (I'm in the process of finding myself, actually I did find me, I didn't like who I was so now I'm looking for someone else to take my place). But I am going back in September (not out of the need to better myself, merely out of the fear of the thought of working at a Bingo hall for the rest of my life). ANYHOW, I'm sure you can conclude that the point of all of this is the fact that her parents (more specifically her mother)... dislike me a tad. Actually to paraphrase, "I don't hate Rob, I just don't like you dating him" A not uncommon problem... probably not even worthy space on the information super highway... well TOO FREAKIN' BAD!! it's my time.

Listen parents... the harder time you give to your children about the people they see, the more they will want to see them!! Its common knowledge, Christ they knew it in the 1500's, just ask Shakespeare.

The worst thing about this situation is that there is no apparent reason why I am looked upon as the Anti Christ, her mother says she has her reasons but doesn't wish to share them... how ridiculous is that? Now, I know that as a person I am not the greatest... in fact I probably wouldn't want my daughter dating anyone like me (if I had a daughter) BUT I'm damn sure that I'd trust my daughter to make the right decisions, and granted the right decision for her may not be right for Daddy. I would hope to God though that I brought her up properly to make the right ones. And in the case of my girlfriend she is smart enough to do what is right.

So to any parents out there: No matter what an idiot your child is dating, realize that you've raised a smart child. Know that the guidance you've given in the past, once they reach a certain age, will only hinder them. They will resent you for it and you relationship will never be the same.