Top 10 Reasons Men Are Scum

Written by Samantha

I wrote this list on a day when I was particularly mad with my boyfriend. Originally, it offended him, but eventually most guys I know confessed to the fact that it's all true. As for the girls, they agreed.

Top 10 Reasons Men Are Scum:

10 The words, "I can't, I have to spend quality time with my girlfriend" are not in their vocabulary.

9 They must eat like they're in a marathon -- ALL THE TIME.

8 Violence can be more of a turn on than sex -- need I say the word "wrestling"?

7 They don't understand that women's hearts are frail and can be broken on a daily basis.

6 They become a whole other person when they're "hanging with the guys."

5 They never get anything done -- there's ALWAYS tomorrow.

4 They change their minds more than women do hairstyles.

3 They wear the same dirty clothes day after day, but expect a woman to look fabulous all the time.

2 They claim a woman's figure means nothing to them, and then proceed to ogle slim girls with big boobs.

And the number one reason why all men are scum:

1 Sex seems to be their only thought and/or purpose in life, and they're just fine with that.


Update: Check out this response from chrisdaffer.