The Meaning of Life

Written by Lilith DemHareIs

"There is more in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in yourphilosophy..." -- Wm Shakespeare

I feel I know the meaning of life. In fact, I'm pretty convinced I've figured it out. I've also had sufficient proof to convince me that I'm on the right track. As a result, I experience extreme joy.

No doubt there are countless others who can claim the same thing. And each one probably has a different viewpoint to me.

But the question is: Has their philosophy already proven itself?

Or are they just hanging on, hoping that they're right, not so much that what they believe is right, but only because they know that what is wrong is wrong.

It's like those Christians who believe in Christianity not because it'll get them to Heaven, but because they're afraid if they *don't* believe, they'll go to Hell.

Do not believe in something because you fear something. Believe in something because you *don't* fear.

Knowing the meaning of life involves some knowledge (or at least faith) about where you once were, where you are now, where you are going, how you are getting there, and -- most importantly -- WHY you are going there.

Don't forget to ask yourself WHY you are going there, and what do you expect to do once you get there.

I could never understand the Buddhist viewpoint, especially that becoming One with whatever it is the One is. WHY would someone want to become One with the One? And after they do, then what? Surely that One beingness has a purpose.

I can understand wanting to reach Nirvana (as some of certain religious persuasion are wont to do). But the process it takes to get there seems a little long, slow, arduous, and I don't see how the journey justifies the destination.

Perhaps it is my own philosophy that gets in the way.

In my views on the Meaning of Life, it takes only one cycle to get to where I'm going. If I do the right things, not only will I make it to where I'm going, but the journey's gonna be downright pleasant.

And then, once I get there, it's not just harps and hallelujas. I've actually got things planned to do.

The Rest of Forever is not going to be boring. And WHY it's not going to be boring is my philosophy on the Meaning of Life.

What completely baffles me is why would anyone settle for anything less?