Putting the "Die" back in "Diet"

Written by Smitty-boy

Subway has become, in my mind anyway, a sort of Mecca for stupid fat people. That is, stupid people who are fat come in... often.

The "Jarred Diet" has got to be the dumbest thing EVER. That, or people are getting stupider as the fat goes to their brains.

There are few things you all should know about that so-called diet. First of all, read the fine print on those 6 grams of fat or less sandwiches. You'll notice, they do NOT come with cheese, certain vegetables and/or certain condiments. Secondly, eating SEVEN of them will NOT help you lose weight. Thirdly, he WALKED his fat ass to Subway. Sometimes ran, but NEVER drove.

Oh, one more thing, you can NOT meet Jarred. He is not stored away in the back. He is a fucking millionaire now thanks to Subway. Kind of the polar opposite of the McDonald's guy who got fat. He's going to be rich soon enough with the movie and probable book.

Now the Atkins diet. "Eat bacon, you'll get skinny? I swear." Another bunch of fat people with no brains are flocking to Subway for those artery clogging sandwiches. The whole basis of the Atkins is to control the amount of carbs you have. From my understanding you should have a total of 45 carbs a day tops. Eating 6 or so of those wraps will put you far, far above that limit. I've seen so many people get fatter over the months on that diet. It's disgusting really.

For the love of God, whatever you call Him, or any other deity you worship, do NOT, under any circumstances, EVER ask to have it like it is in the picture. It is, by far, the most annoying thing you can do. You sound ignorant, make us feel ignorant, and is just degrading. Especially when we make it and you get upset because "well, it sure doesn't look like the picture." The one's in the picture are not REAL. They took hours to make, with artificial things. That ranch dressing you see is glue, so it stays there. They are the SHOW PICTURES!

Oh, and if you ARE going to ask for how it is in the picture, and there are, say, olives in there. DON'T yell at the person for putting olives in it. I now think that all people who go into Subways to buy the "diet" sandwiches/wraps are all complete morons and I have no respect for them. If you want me to like you, buy only some cookies, and leave a tip.