CoN Goes to the Movies

Written by Jeff Wright

Howdy do, y'all? I'm just gonna run down a list of movies that I've seen recently that I think you should see.


This is labeled as a HORROR/THRILLER in most video stores, but I think it would sit just as well in the COMEDY section ("I didn't want to miss baby night"). It took me a while to get around to watching it, but it was a completely enjoyable, and fantasticaly well made film that everyone should see. A near perfect film if you ask me. I rented 3 other Polanski films tonight.


This is a crazy little fuck of a movie, from Japan. It's about Fudoh, the son of a Japanese crime boss, who as a child, witnesses his brother's beheading. If that's not bad enough, it was his father who did the slicing (with a samurai sword no less). Once the credits roll, Fudoh, is grown up, and in high school. He's now also involved in crime, and has his own gang. His gang consists of gun wielding children, a couple of his female friends from school (one of them is a sailor suit wearing stripper, who shoots a mean blowdart gun with her "you know what"), and eventually a huge motherfucker that you you certainly wouldn't want to mess with. So Fudoh's got his gang, and he's finally got enough power to take on his father, for the revenge of his brother's killing. It's a crazy good time, that isn't perfect, but is super-fun.


A great DOCUMENTARY/CONCERT FILM on the concert at the Altamonte Speedway in San Fransico back in the '60s, where 4 people were killed, and many more were injured. The Rolling Stones are the main musical focus of the film, and rock the fuck out! If you're a fan of either The Stones, fine documentary filmmaking, or Hell's Angels, then you should definitely check it out. Criterion, has just released a beautifully remastered DVD of the film, with deleted scenes, commentary, and about an hour of a San Fransico call in radio show on the concert.


A great Woody Allen comedy, set around the time Napoleon was invading everyone. It stars Woody, and Diane Keaton in what I believe was their first film together.

Diane Keaton: I guess you could say I'm half saint, half whore. Woody Allen: Lets just hope I get the half that eats.

If you like Allen, you should like this. Rent it.


This is the old, black and white, and French version I'm talking about. There's nothing wrong with the Disney version, but this version is just a beautiful film that everyone should see. I almost wish it weren't in French, because it would be a wonderful film to show little kids as an introduction to cinema.


What can I say? This movie is fun, fun, fun. Lots of really good action, good looking women, and some badass badguys. That's all I need from a movie. It paid off in spades. Before you go, know that it is a no-brainer. Every negative review I've read, complains about how stupid it is. Oh well. There was more than enough eye-candy to make up for it.

That's all for this issue. Come back next week, for another bombastic installment!!!