IMPROV actually writes something!

Written by IMPROV

"And the Oscar for best actor goes to... Kevin Spacey for American Beauty!" There is my big risky prediction for the spring of 2000.

It has been a very long time since I have had the chance to write anything for this fine publication. Well for CoN at least. But I just had to make time to let everyone know that for once the mainstream critics are right.

American Beauty is one of the best films of the decade. If anyone out there actually reads the craps I write they know that I am a hateful man, who doesn't like to like what others like (and has a wonderful way with words). Prior to this, I had never been touched by a movie before (which by the way is a new CBS mid season replacement "Touched By A Movie").

Although the Toronto International Film Festival is not a true competition, it was voted the best movie of the Fest' by the film fest' goers. Which are the only people who count. But it seems that everyone else agrees. But who really cares about them? This is my column.I will not give away any of the plot, I will just say that sometimes when I see a movie I walk out thinking, "That was good." And that is it. No more thought about it, the movie was just a way to kill two hours. When I walked out of American Beauty I was truly stunned, my girlfriend and I talked about it for hours. I wanted to call all of my friends and tell them to go see it. NOW. This is a movie that infects you like a good book, especially if you have any feeling of futility about yourself or life. Which I do. (That will be another article, by the way.)

But enough about my sad existence. Go see American Beauty. It is funny, and thoughtful, and you will take the experience home with you.