Paper, Prophets and Propaganda

Written by Gard E. Abrahamsen

Sasha pointed wildly at a big white house behind some big fence.

"ZER IZ DE'WITE HOUZE!" he shouted with eager in his voice. "ZER IZ DE' WITE HOUSE!" He looked at me and tried to calm down. "Der beeAmerikanz in de' White Houze! Americanz give us money. We just askde' Presiden of Amerika for monee, and he give us monee."

We only had one problem - how would we get to meet the President?Certainly, wasn't that the President showing himself in the door,waving to us, or was it his stuntman? Or perhaps the stuntman was outplaying golf? We wouldn't know for sure, but we'd wave back in any case.

"Wee need monee," we shouted. "Give monee too us poor studeentz, weeneed it. Wee bee therd wirld." But he didn't seem to hear us. I tried to climb the fence (a sport known as fencing), but it was so smooth and slick, I didn't have a chance.

After this wonderful experience, we decided to find our way back to the metro. Unfortunately, we weren't quite sure where the metro was in comparison to where we were standing, so we ended up walking a block up behind the White House, two blocks down on the back side, and we finally met an older gentleman and a nice young lady. While the gentleman probably was in his 60s, the lady was approximately my ownage and had long blonde hair and a sight that could melt just about any one's brains. She reached her hand out to us, and our eyes opened widely, she was going to help us. She really was. She might even takeus with her home and give us cookies and tea and... she had a leaflet in her hand.

"Do you believe in the message of the Lord?" the gentleman asked. We didn't, but we really wanted to get out of the sun and find the metro,so Sasha continued with his Russian accent.

"De' Meetro. Where iz de' Meetro? Doo yo no wheer de' Meetro iz?"he queried, while I was trying hard not to fall deeply into the eyes of this wonderful woman, because I would be gone in a few, and I'd probably never see her again. She was still holding this leaflet in her hand, and a tape. I looked at her, grabbed it, and gracefully thanked her, hoping that this story somehow would lead us together again. Me and this girl from (*fumble* *fumble* There's the tape)the Gospel Ambassadors. (Yea, right! Snap out of it!)

Southeastern Mennonite Mission Committee
Gospel Ambassadors
Rt. 1, Box 494, Penn Laird, VA 22846

November 21, 1995

Gard Eggesbo Abrahamsen
P.O. Box 71
6092 Eggesbones

Dear Friend,

Thank you for your letter. In the letter you ask that we help you find a young lady with "long, curled blonde hair" who handed you a tape and a pamphlet. However, we would have no way of knowing who the young lady was so we cannot help you ding her.

A person's relationship with God is the most important issue in life. I pray that you have committed your life to the Lord Jesus and are experiencing the peace and joy that comes from living for Him.

I am enclosing some literature that you might find interesting.

Again, thanks for your letter.

Charles L. Heatwolde, for the
Gospel Ambassadors

The "literature" was a thick bunch of pamphlets named...
? * Steps to salvation (only five of them, not twelve)
? * GUILT - How can I cope with it?
? * If You Are a New Christian
? * What the Bible says about MORAL PURITY
? * HUMANISM - the Religion that claims no God
? * Spiritualism, Sorcery and Witchcraft
? Is there such a place as hell?
? One minute after death

The first pamphlets try to pull you in, then welcome you, then scare you into staying in and finally shows you the beauty of heaven.

? Gard