GamesPhobia: SPECIAL

When Managers Without a Clue Run the Show

Written by capnasty

This issue of CoN has been divided into two distributions. One for the people at my place of employment and another edition (this one) for everyone else. Their edition has been censored, and this article removed and replaced with a disclaimer, stating that the edition you are reading was not sent through their servers, nor by me.

What's going on? Here is proof that there are no signs of intelligent life out there, because we already lack them on our own planet. It also goes to show that a form of dictatorship and abuse still exists in many forms, and there is nothing that people can do about it. They can just sit there and have this shit shoved in their faces.

With another two people that work at Gamesmania (names not shown for their own sake) we had decided to create a joke site called Gamesphobia. Games would have been reviewed and since we were not part of Gamesmania, we could've slaughtered them. You could say we were the Mr. Cranky of computer games.(Mr. Cranky Rates the Movies:

By registering the site and placing on the company's primary server in the registration list, a CC of the process went to our C.E.O.I thought nothing of it, since I had already registered "Capital of Nasty". The programmer advised me to mention what we were doing to the C.E.O., but it did not seem important.

What happens: The C.E.O. receives the letter from Internic. He literally freaks thinking there is someone out there making fun of Gamesmania. He tells the programmer that he wants to start a lawsuit. We are informed of this, and we tell him that this is just something we want to create. He calms (or so we think) and wants us to write a description of what the site would be about, and to print out a copy of the Internic's registration confirmation e-mail, sign it and giving it to him, so that he can talk to his legal department. What he wanted to do instead was to go to a newly hired C.E.O., Mr. Winston, and have us fired for "wasting company time" and for "making fun of Gamesmania". We had pointed out that this would've been done in our spare time (i.e. at home) and that if it was offensive in any way that we would drop it. Oh, and BTW, I'm not supposed to know any of this. But good news always travel around.

Fortunately the programmer calmed the C.E.O. down and he never went to Mr. Winston to complain. I'd like to point out that the company is going through a terrible time. Most of the staff has been fired and as a result the stock went down from 7.50$ to about 0.75$ (and it is dropping still).Mr. Winston has been hired from California (I guess here in Ontario, CA we don't have people as good as this guy) to help bring the company back up. I'd also like to add that although Mr. Winston has done nothing to me, after his constant use of the phrase “change is good" (change: firing about 80% of the staff), his ability to complete destroy the business and having yet to do anything good, I began to feel a profound dislike for him.

We all decided to drop the Gamesphobia idea. Better to keep our jobs than to cause all this hassle over a joke. As we are walking towards the bus stop I am told that suddenly the C.E.O. likes the idea. Perhaps some obscure fool up in marketing has been able to convince him that GamesPhobia wasn't really such a bad idea. He wants to take the idea and somehow implement it into Gamesmania.

One of us said "first I was completely for the idea. Now I AM the one that wishes it would die".

"What if" I dared "we give the site to someone else?"

"They will get sued" I was told.

"What if I don't want to give them the site? After all it is registered to me."

"You will get fired" I was told again.

"So what do I do? I don't want them to take our idea and use it as theirs and watch them fuck it up too" I complained.

"Don't fight back.." they told me "resistance is futile. Change is good."