Written by Pat Adams

I dreamt of you last night. I dream of you every night, but this one was different. It was a product of isolation and loathing for my surroundings. Images of you flashed by rapid fire, and even in my dream, my heart beat faster. Images of you, saved in the recesses of my mind, seemed to fly around the room, and then came together, melding into each other to form you in all your beauty.

My body screamed out in longing, primal passions awake suddenly, and desire and need broke free of the levees built to keep them at bay, to keep me sane without you. You smiled as you saw me, a smile that has always made me intoxicated. I ran to you, a run much slower than I wished it could be. As I reached you, you winked once, blue eyes glittering, leaving me crashing into a wall. I turned and there you were, this time not in the jeans and T-shirt you had appeared in. You were wearing only the bare essentials, and your soft pink flesh send waves of emotions through my body.

I dove at you, not willing to let you disappear again. The feeling of once again touching you sent electricity through me, and I was sure my heart would explode. You smiled and then kissed me. I couldn't breathe, but it was okay. If I was going to die, this is how I wanted to go. But I didn't die. You wouldn't let me. My ecstasy rose as suddenly we both were naked, the warmth of you heating up my already hot body. The feeling of flesh against flesh had my senses reeling, your soft breasts and hard nipples smashed against my chest, my tattoo clashing with the creamy whiteness of your beautiful skin. You silky legs wrapped around me, pulling me inside you, no latex separating us this time.

You chewed on your lower lip, looking into my eyes as I started thrusting. The slap of our stomachs and our labored breathing were the only noises. The delicate friction making every muscle in my body scream out in raw need. A tear fell from my face, landing on the pillow next to you, your blonde hair spread, appearing as a halo, making you look like the goddess that you are to me.

You cry out in orgasm, and I can feel your muscles gripping me, hurting me, but it is a good hurt. A light sweat breaks out on your flawless forehead, but I don't stop. You rake your fingernails across my back, raising red welts. Tomorrow they would be reminders, but right now they are just another erotic stimulus from you. I explode deep within you, and with your arms wrapped tightly around my shoulders and you breathing your hot, moist breath on my neck, I get a fleeting glimpse of heaven.

We fall asleep, close together in the cold mountain air, me still inside you.