The Duck World

Jurassic Pond

Written by Lord Lansdowne

For the new movie "The Lost World", an entire web-site was put online at I went to see the site (on the 28th of May, at around 10:30 AM EST) to find out a little more about this plotless movie, and instead of the Jurassic logo, a "The Duck World" logo appeared. Apparently some hackers had managed to change the image. I tried getting in contact with the webmasters of "" but never got an answer (as if).

From what I read online, apparently this was staged and just an excuse to get some free press coverage. This must've worked as later the "hacking" had been reported by CNN. Hey, free advertising...

Review: The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Talk about strange: after seeing "Can't stop the music", "The Lost World" becomes automatically a good movie, with a plot. I'm kidding: it's like comparing the nutritional value of a rock versus a shit sandwich. Seriously speaking, "The Lost World" is another one of those movies where if it wasn't for the amazing special effects, they could've just as well retitled it "Can't stop the dino". Why does Hollywood keep pumping this stupid crap out? And why are we so dumb that we go and see it? This movie sucked and as soon as the special effects become aged, "Plan 9 From Out of Space" will look like a shining icon of dignity in comparison. I hate you, Hollywood.

Since we had not suffered enough from the first "Jurassic Park", they had to make a sequel to it, and as all sequels go, they tend to suck (just take a look at "Philadelphia Experiment II" or any movie with the number 2 in its title).

Granted, Jeff Goldbloom's character tried his best to make this movie a little more interesting. Unfortunately, other than "The Fly", everything else he has been in tends to suck: either he's a low-budget actor that Hollywood loves to use for bad movies or he just has standards as low as his self-esteem. His part was basically divided between saying witty stuff in the attempt of being humorous, the usual rantings about mixing technology and violence, not petting dino-babies and hanging from a cable for way too long. I hate you, Jeff.