Written by Leo N.

Welcome to Issue 38 of Capital of Nasty. I have been playing Jedi Knight for the past few days now, after I bought it early Thursday morning. I know it's only a computer game, but I was really fascinated by the quality of the graphics and the playability, that Quake looks boring in comparison. To top it all, I've also been quite busy with work and doctors, so my apologies, this issue suffered a bit from it.

Back in Issue 36 we had that female reader, Bronwyn Mitchell, who wrote a complaint about "something". To this day, I still don't know what she was complaining about, in fact I had posted the message in the editorial asking readers just what the heck she was shrieking about. I thought that was the last I was going to hear from her. Instead, I go check my mailbox yesterday and this is what I find

Date sent: Sat, 11 Oct 1997 13:44:18 -0700 (PDT)
To: con@capnasty.org
From: Bronwyn Mitchell
Subject: you the man

Dear cap nasty

I love your magazine but you should put more things in about comic books and that stuff.

keep it up

What gives? Anyway, here at CoN, we are thinking of setting up a comix section. Not an article section where we discuss comic book heroes, or if Superman is gay or Batman and Robin homosexuals while the Incredible Hulk goes around showing his penis envy all green of jealousy. Instead we will have an official CoN comix strips, called the "Thursday@CoNmix" where we'll display rather unusual cartoons. We will announce it to our readership as soon as it will be online.

Talking about comics, I'd like to make a comment about Dilbert. Before I started working in this office, I never really understood the humour behind it. In fact I would read them and wonder if I had left my sense of humour by my bed, next to the dentures. That was until I started working part-time at a certain company. I began to see strange patterns develop in the everyday life at the office and found them strange. The strangest thing of them all was seeing them reproduced in Dilbert's comic strip. At first I was laughing, since I could finally catch the dark humour. Now I scream in fear.

Just as an example, the other day my phone was removed. Apparently it is against company policy to have a phone if you don't need one for work. Management even had a meeting over why I had a phone. When I asked why my phone had been removed, I was lead in many different directions, but never told the true reason. I hope they don't take my chair away now since I stole this from the "chair cemetery", a huge pile of chairs stashed at the very back of our large room, and they might realize that is not company policy for me to have wheels on my chair since I don't need to wheel myself around.

Another girl I work with was more fortunate than I. Instead of taking her phone away, they reduced the cord of a few feet, so now the phone is further away from her. She was told that this was had been done because they liked the phone there better. The truth was that because she forgot to make one change on some work, they decided that it happened since "she spends too much time on the phone." Two and a half feet less of phone cord will now solve the problem and increase the overall productivity. Brilliant, huh?

If you think their logic is a little faulty, I can only say it's improving. For a good year and a half, they had an half ass monkey up in marketing screwing us over and making us lose a ton of money. The funny part was that everyone in management knew, but never did anything about it since "he was cheap." Oh, and he had a phone.

You can visit Dilbert at United Media's homepage at: http://www.unitedmedia.com/comics/dilbert/.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving although we should always be grateful of what we have. Please don't reply with one of those messages stating you don't believe in God and therefore you have nothing to celebrate nor thank. Be grateful you still have your phone, chair, and people around you that have done something special for you. I'll leave you with the last message I got from freak-woman. Have a great one.

Date sent: Sun, 12 Oct 1997 12:42:44 -0700 (PDT)
To: lansdowne@capnasty.org
From: Bronwyn Mitchell

Leandro when are we going to get your next issue off cap nasty magazine I'm dying to read it here.