Dead American soldiers now worth $100,000

Written by Curtis M. Carlson

As we have all heard on the news, Georgy boy wants to start paying soldiers families $100,000 for their dead child, dying in their oil war. The previous benefit was $12,000. I feel it is a great thing that our soldiers families are getting more money and are being taken care of. It just seems to me that this is a big jump in benefits. It is also curious that this benefit comes in the middle of a 'quagmire war' over Cheney's oil profits.

I have discussed this matter with only a few people, and the feel is that it is the big payoff, to help encourage people to sign up for bullet catchers. I know this sounds insensitive. But in a country where kids are having trouble earning $10,000 a year, and whose parents are loosing their mortgage and little sisters need medical treatment, it could be awfuly tempting for a young man truly wanting to help out his family to commit to the war, go out and recklessly throw himself headlong into a war that should never had been fought.

If the boy doesn't die, at least he has work for the next few years, right? And if he doesn't die, perhaps he will come back with out an arm or leg or strung out on Army morphine or worse yet with psychological, mental and emotional problems that you can't just strap a rubber hand to. Surely our sensitive young boys, our sons and little brothers do not need to see their Iraqi neighbors through infrared goggles while he looses his innocence and soul with every pull of the trigger, with every entry wound and with every dead working man or woman in Iraq.

These unseen scars are difficult if not impossible to heal, it's like beating your child, it does permanent damage. What is wrong with being tender? Why do we want so many of our brothers and fathers scarred by war, absent, abusive, souless. Has our Vietnam Vets all died off from shame and dishonor? Has it been so long since we greeted our sons as they returned from their tours, just to find we have an empty shell that looks and walks like our loved ones; alcoholic, addict, abuser, shamed, and in need of psychological help?

Perhaps we have. How quickly we for get. Heck, I just recently watched 'Full Metal Jacket' 'saving Private Ryan' (or as it is know around the house, Saving Ryan's Privates) and 'All Quite on the Western Front'. War seems horrible but glamorous. Perhaps if we would show these movies to our sons in theatres filled with dead animals that have been burnt with gasoline, Then on their way in and out we randomly shoot them. Make them get dysentery before they go in, and make them eat cold rations. Have the neighbor kids there and tell them boys that when they finish their popcorn, they are going to have to kill one of the neighbor kids or they will kill him.

This I believe will give people more of a sense of war. It is no big deal, though, really. Within one afternoon I can see WWI, WWII and the Vietnam war and still have time to laugh my way through some of the Korean war with *MASH* that show that lasted longer than the war.

All wars are won in a matter of a couple hours. In the privacy of my very own snuggly modular home. Wars won and Lost on our couches as we panic 'cause our stocks have dropped a couple of points. [Note to self: Invest in the largest manufacturer of rubber legs, Hearing aids and Anti-Psychotic/Anti-depressant Medications!] Heck, I can get through four wars, watch 'Cops' on TV and watch them haul my neighbor off in an ambulance (victim of the War on Drugs) and still get in bed in time to make it to services at New World Order Baptist Church. Man all those good Christian boys need to sign up! Think of the money our services will save in haircuts. They can kill children and not worry about hell (once saved always saved: now is that 5 or 7 point Calvinism?), 'cause Jesus has already died for those sins. Yeeee Haaaawww! Kill, kill, kill, 'cause Jesus loves and forgives me and I deserve this 10 cylinder Power Stroke monster pickup with dullies and a Harley in the back, 'cause I'm a 'Kings Kid'!

Wait, I though the 'meek will inherit the earth'. Not in this country, the meek will be buried in the earth, I think that's what that means. Shame on you and shame on all those people in Nazi Germany, Shame on me, for only bitching about it.

Oh yeah, and Georgie Boy slapping Green Backs ($) into the tear soaked hands of the family of dead soldiers, is just as despicable as Palestinian leaders giving money to the families of the suicide car bombers.