Understanding the AOL Jargon

Written by Smitty-boy

Yes that's right, I am indeed part of the AOL generation. Fortunately, as resilient I am to speaking to their jargon I can understand it (OK I do use it). So I have made a helpful guide to any new comer to the AOL crowd with a list of words to know and, if you wish to retain your soul, never use.

First, most of the AOL jargon is simple abbreviations of words such as:

JK or J/K- This is one of the most used. Quite simply it means "just kidding."

An offshoot of this is JJ- Although used more scarcely it means "just joshing."

There is also WTF- meaning "what the fuck."

The next is a classic and perhaps the most used. I'm referring to LOL- This means "laugh out loud." This is used when somebody says something comical and you're too lazy to point out to the person you thought it was funny.

There are many an offshoot form this such as...

LMAO- "laughing my ass off"

LMFAO- "laughing my fucking ass off."

ROFL- "rolling on floor laughing" (although I think it's oxymoronic to be on the floor laughing while you type.)

The more civilized AOL users have the decency to put "haha" or "hahaha."

There are some things said that are quite simply made up.

ne- the shortened version of "any" that is used by the lazier portion (i.e. me).

u- as opposed to "you." This is also used by the lazier portion (i.e. still me).

r- replaces "are." You know what, the rest of the things in this section are for lazy people (and yes, that still includes me).

ur- for "you're" or "you are." A nice combination of the two previous.

y- as opposed to "why."

b- for the really lazy people who can't type that extra vowel (e, for those who couldn't decipher the AOL code).

iunno- compact and short version of "I don't know."

dunno- offshoot of iunno

thanx- shorter version of "thanks"

There is also tanx- which I think is just a typo of thanx.... but I'm not sure.

Next, there is the poor grammar in the AOL language.

Periods (.) are used scarcely, if ever.

Apostrophes (') for words like "can't" or "won't" are neglected, thus creating "cant" and "wont."

Commas (,) are almost never used, thus creating horrendously long run-on sentences like, "omg i just saw meg and she was bein such a bitch so i hadta slap her to make her shut up bcuz she was just so grrr... ya kno?" (that's probably been said by somebody... probably).

Oh yes, "omg" stands for "Oh my God" or god depending on how religious u r *lol*

"had to" has been combined into "hadta."

"I" is no longer capitalized. But then again, nobody capitalizes anything on AOL anymore. Truly sad.

"because" has been shortened to "bcuz."

There is no longer a "w" in the word "know."

That is just about my extent of the AOL language. There may be other words, or those that come close to being words, but I do not know them.

So, to any new AOL users, know these words but in that name of all this is sacred to you do NOT use them. Try to bring come culture to wasteland that is AOL Instant Messages.