Written by REVSCRJ

"I love deadlines and the whooshing sound they make as they pass." Douglas Adams

This Inhuman-


Ever get a corporate job? The kind where laminates of condridictory or unenforcable, unfollowable policies line the break rooms? Where the benefits are good, but the suck is on your soul? It's a whole other world. It all sanitary spray cans and toner in the air, burnt sugar sweet- solid as a plastic block for a 2 year old and half as respectful.

If you are the average kind of person it only takes a few days before the static hum of business-as-usual dulls your eyes and gets you numb. Look at your coworkers- either zombie like, ready-to-fire, zen or this inhuman form...

Ever watch the process in the "new guy"? Guy has this spark when he first come in, its called 'freewill', and even behind the fake smile and concilitory behavior you can see its life. He's in training, he still has to use his mind. Sure enough though in a few days he wears the flat perky mask that comes to be the "Team Face"- the badge, the piss-scent to identify the pack. Pray he stays this way. Pray that in a few weeks life doesn't start to reimerge, pray that the facade is a tomb and not a cocoon.

[Tangent] The corporation is based on a hierarchal structure that exactly conforms to the form of a hive. [/tangent]

There's a new glint in his eye...colder than before... somehow less sentient... appraising, no longer saying 'I wonder how this guy is' but now seem to fire waves of radiating 'what is IT worth to me' in referance to you. Reptillian, insectoid, and this inhuman stare holds eye contact like a threat while speaking the most innocuous of evils.

[Tangent] Necsessary to the sucsess of a hive is that each unit within the hive be 100% dedicated to the whole, essential to mammalian survival is selfpreservation over all else [/tangent]

Kinkos cares
Welcome to the Microsoft Team
GMC- your kind of people
Whole Foods depends on YOU
Safeway, its the right place for you
I.T. thanks you
I.T. loves you
I.T. wants your wants like a parisite.

"So new-guy, you want to get lunch?" Head swings slowly to you, as if pivoting on small ball joints, "No...thanks, Im working through lunch." and you see it, the look, this inhuman assessment "This creature before me will never advance my position or power, it is nothing."

[Riddle] What do you get when you cross a selfserving mammal with the mindless dedication of a mammal? [/riddle]

Controlers, Observers, District Co-Ordinaters, Structural Analysts, Human Resource Heads, Overseers, Dukes and their ilk all have the marks, the pheremonal shroud of expensive colognes and perfumes, the unfeeling bertay-to-you-nothing but evil eyes, the tone so flat, so intentional, so controled that this inhuman feeling crawls over your skin as you listen. In their suit-du-jour they bear teeth to eachother in ways not so much a smile, but in a flash of salute to a supirior- they do not smile to their underlings.

[Answer] An abomination in the eyes of God that serves itself alone through the mindless dedication to the hive, not moved by concious, not swayed by guilt, an abomination in the eyes of God [/answer]

They have hybridized sucsessfully into a new species. They are of our blood, but not of our souls. Beware these precoursers of that-which-is-to-come, for they are insects in primate flesh- the sucsessful intermixing of two worlds too alien to eachother to contemplate union. They are not human. They are not human. They are not human. It will be these people who will find underground/ indoor shelters, on an irridated Earth, attractive. They will push paper plies until we few neadrathalic remainings are buried in a shallow grave of it.

The new hive will not work in any "good" manner- an abomination even to the insects- for there can be no jockeying for power in the hive, there can be no back stabbing, it puts disruptive ripples through the hive and efficency falls. Without maximum efficency, the hive collapses to entropy. This inhuman race will eat itself, long after it has eaten us.