Written by capnasty

ISSUE 2 ALREADY pollutes our minds and stands as a milepost of time flying by us. Just a few more days and we'll be already in February wondering where the days went.

Welcome to yet another issue of CoN. This issue is substantially long, and dedicated to washrooms and the like. We pray you will be pleased by it.

Our first e-mail arrives from Paul Cobbs:

Okay, how's this (remember, I'm an engineer and not a writerfor a REASON)?
You know, I've been wondering. The good folks at Capital ofNasty are always carping on us to contribute, or just sendemail with our reactions to their publication. And do we? No.Why not? Why is it always take, take, take? Why can't we evergive? My guess is that nobody bothers to read the stuff. We alljust get the issue and throw it in the trash. Why don't weunsubscribe? I guess we just like throwing unread mail in ourtrash cans.

Maybe it's some sort of a wicked pleasure. We think to ourselves, "Heh, they want me to read this, but I'm not GOING to. I'll showthem." Man, if that's our attitude, it must suck to be thecontributors and editors. Maybe someday I'll actually read one ofthese things, and then maybe I'll have something to say and I cancontribute. That would sure suprise them. I can hear it now:"What! a reader that actually READS this stuff?"

I THANK those that don't read CoN and don't bother unsubscribing, for protecting my fragile ego with these high numbers.

Motie2 was devastated:


Unfortunately, I only noticed I had missed a testicle after the issue was sent. I guess it is useless to go through it a few times, if when I send it out, it contains more errors than before.

And lastly, I'll leave you with a tale from Garrett Winters, who not only has a Y2K compatible car, but also brought some shine to my life by telling me that he read "The Last Dinosaur".

long time reader first time responder ( usually because it is sometimes a few weeks after publication that I get to read, so thatis why I probably didn't respond to the survey) and I thought Iwould at least get your readership into double figures :)The thing that gets me writing is the above piece about the size ofWA in Australia, which though I never did see first hand I did geta feel of what it must be like after a trip up the center of Oz from Melbourne about 13 years ago. Myself and two mates ( all around 18or 19) decided to drive from Melbourne to Adelaide, Alice Springs( including Ayers Rock), Darwin ( with a trip to Kakadu therainforest) then back down and across to Queensland before headingsouth and home.

In total I think we drove 14000 km in 7 full days of driving( spread out over about 18 days) and it was the most desolate placeI have ever seen. Imagine Ayers Rock sitting out in the middle ofnothing, around 300 km from the nearest town ( Alice springs) witha hotel nearby and nothing else. It is also true about waving atpassing cars as they are a rarity and you are thankful to see a signof life. The wildlife is unreal with kangaroos, owls, cows and horsesall seeking the warmth of the tarmac at night with often fatal results, we came over a rise near Darwin to find a dead 'roo in the middle of the road which was unavoidable and nearly ripped the muffler off the car ( which was heavily overweighed as we brought everything bar the kitchen sink).

I will always remember it ( including our unfortunate detention in Queensland but that is another story entirely) but doubt I would doit again unless I was well funded and comfortable doing it, Aconverted double decker bus would be ideal.

Keep up the good work on CoN as it usually has something I enjoyto read, I was also one of the few who read through all of "Thelast Dinosaur" ( or what ever it was called) and enjoyed it thoroughlyand hope to see the movie someday. I wouldn't mind something like that maybe once a year.

Our next issue of CoN will deal with Phylosophy. Until then, enjoy this issue which, just for the record, is almost as long as "The Last Dinosaur".