Written by Samantha

So there I am, puttering from chat room to chat room, when all of a sudden, this message flashes before my eyes: "Hi honey, wanna cyber-fuck?" I sigh in disgust.

This is not the first time this has happened to me. It seems the moment you reveal yourself as a female in a chat room, you are bombarded with questions from "men"-asking where you live, what you are wearing, and, like this particular loser, if you wanna cyber.

So here I am thinking that I came into a CHAT room. CHATTING being what I had in mind. So I tell this guy "no, I'm only here to talk."

Two seconds later, my screen lights up with this rather lovely response. "You snobby Bitch. Fuck you then." Now, I am sorry, but just because I did not want to tell some guy I look like Sable, or whoever the newest "babe" is, and am ripping off my clothes just to keep his interest, does not in my book, make me a bitch. And yeah, all those "men" are probably just thirteen year old boys looking for a thrill, and the idea that I would be any cause for some over-hormonal masturbation absolutely disturbs me.

So I decide to test this theory. See I am not a male-basher or anything, so I wanted to see if it would work the other way around. So I posed as a guy and entered yet another room. Sorry ladies, that whole "we are sooooooo innocent" does not stand up to what I experienced within those five minutes in a chat room. Not only was I invited to "cyber", but I was asked if I liked whips and chains, told I could be the "dominant" one, and asked to join in a female group of cyber. So all you guys out there are drooling and wondering WHICH rooms I was in, I'll tell you. No-it was not a sex room, it wasn't even a flirting room. It was a Yahoo room and the "topic" was the TV show Friends. And to my knowledge, none of the "friends" engaged in any of the acts I was asked to be a part of.

So I'm left with no where to go. Neither a man nor a woman can escape the "cyber" world in chat rooms. I JUST WANT TO TALK! If anyone finds one of these places anywhere on the net, let me know. I am down to the belief that they just don't exist. Oh, and if you happen to see angeleyes_545 out there, she DOESN'T wanna cyber!