Sun Dance

Written by capnasty


the light is dancing
shining brightly on
the green green wonderful
great trees that grow
up, up towards the sky
displaying the might
of a living mother nature
that grows bigger, bigger
embraces life, life dancing
as the sun rises above
further and further up
to join the dance
Inspired by the view of High Park from 16th floor and the notion of spring together with the thought of Bethani coming up here for our one year anniversary, this poem is one of many poems that make my first ever published poetry collection, Dancin' in my brain, a collection of happy poetry that will be dancing in your brain forever after reading it. The booklet, dedicated to my wife, contains twelve of my best and happiest poems and exists only in this limited edition of 42 copies of AAD quality (Analogue recording, Analogue editing, Digital reproduction). A normal copy will be sold for C$5, a signed copy will be C$7. Original sheets ("recording") from this production are on sale for C$20/sheet. Published by Scriba Press (wait for web site to come up under