Written by capnasty

My life I opened to you
For I listened as you spoke
That when you drooled
Saliva as you
Slept; I did too.

When you fell, I did also
The same
For I cannot climb a ladder
Without steps; and you
Are the steps in my ladder.

I shudder to think what it
Would be like without you
For then I will perish and
Die; If I tell you this
You smile and mutter no; but you
Feel flattered, you
Blush at the prestige.

But you lead an indifferent life now.

You are not wary that my life
Revolves around your world.
So when you hurt me; you
Break the steps I stand on
The foundation of my existence-
And I fall.

The steps that you are may only
So when I fall
It is eternal that I will live
Fallen, and without your guidance.