The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Written by IMPROV

So I line up at ten in the morning to see the "biggest box office open ever"... I'm just as excited as the next guy... well maybe not as excited as him he's a fat comic books store owner whose been masturbating to the thought of another dinosaur movie since '94.

But nevertheless I'm looking forward to the blockbuster hit of the summer. Putting aside the fact that I wasn't too impressed with the first one. I watch the movie with an open mind... hoping for some shread of a plot... or something to keep me awake... needless to say I could have been fast asleep by the third scene of the movie.

OOOHHHH the T-rex is after Jeff Goldbloom AGAIN... Big deal... EAT HIM AND PUT US OUT OF OUR MISERY!!!

As for Spielberg...with the exception of Schindler's List I guess it's been all downhill scince E.T.!! Why not get a real director like John Woo or Sam Raimi to direct a multi-million dollar budget movie? Oh well I guess that's wht I'm not a producer.