This issue, at the movies...

Written by Jeff Wright

Well this is my second movie sugestion thingee for CoN. The reason it's only my second is because Leandro (I know I said I wasn't gonna name names Leo, but I had to) forgot to put my last sugestions in the last issue. For those who're interested, I suggested Heathers, The Sweet Hereafter, and encouraged ya'll to go see The Faculty when it's released on Christmas. I also changed the style in which I do this thing in the last one. I only do two movies, I pick movies that relate to the issue's theme, do a bit of a summary, talk about aspects I like in the flic, who's in it, who made it, and I put a movie that I like of those people in parenthasese beside their names. That was a long and almost unintelligble sentence. I apologize. Anyways here's this issue's.



Kevin Spacey (Se7en) and Frank Whaley (Born On The Fourth Of July) star in this dark comedy, directed by George Huang (It was his debut, and I haven't seen his second flic). The basic story (really this isn't the story, but I don't want to ruin too much) is about a big wig at a Hollywood studio who is a complete asshole to his assistant. Spacey gives what I think is probably his best performance, and what he should have won an Oscar for in the year of The Usual Suspects. Just go see this one. If you like dark comedies, you'll thank me. Oh, and tell me if you don't have a hard time licking envelopes after watching the movie.

Number Two


Steve Buscemi (Reservoir Dogs), Cathrine Keener (Your Friends And Neighbours), and a few more star in Tom DiCillo's film (the only good one of his I've seen). The film is about the trials and tribulations of an independant film production. It's probably the funniest film on filmmaking I've seen. The film is driven by funny personalities on the set, and will have you busting a gut with its potshots at Brad Pitt, David Lynch dream sequences, and how everyone's written a script in Hollywood.

Thanks for reading,Jeff