0n1y 7h3 1337 m4y 3n73|2

Written by Kade

Ok, so some of you are probably wondering what the hell l337 5p34|< is. l337 5p34|< (translates to leet speak) is a language that some one came up with and annoying people in chat rooms tend to Spam it. In this guide I will provide a translation from l337 5p34|< to English.

A = 4

B = 13

C = c

D = d

E = 3

F = f

G = g

H = |-|

I = 1

J = j

K = |<

L = 1

M = m

N = n

O = 0

P = p

Q = q

R = 12 or r

S = 5 or z (depending on where it is found in the word)

T = 7

U = u or oo or 00

V = v or \/ (two slashes)

W= w or \/\/ (four slashes)

X = ><

Y = y

Z = z

As you can see, most of the letters in l337 5p34|< are numbers, letters, or combinations of other marks. Once one gets a comprehensive understanding of the letters, one can make words, sentences, or even right an essay.

For example:

d00d 175 411 4b0u7 741k1ng l337 5p34|<. 17 53p4r4735 7|-|3 k3w1 p30p13 fr0m 7h3 14m3rz.

This translates to = Dude (dood) its all about talking leet speak. It separates the cool (kewl) people from the lamers.


0nLy 7h3 1337 m4y 3n7312!

Translates to: Only the leet may enter

I hope this guide helps you in understanding those annoying 1337 5p43|<3r5 that tend to invade chat rooms and Spam