"When I finally broke out of that relationship, I felt as if I had won a fight against Mike Tyson."

Failing Relationships

Written by Lost Correspondent

Three years ago I nearly got married. Today I still wonder what got me out of that relationship. It must have been a force from up above. And I'm grateful it did.

Here's the deal:

Sometimes you try too hard to make people around you very happy. It pleases you to see everybody cheerful, happy, smiling faces all over, but you often end up depressed, with a feeling of emptiness that drives you crazy. That happened to me. And I often wondered what had I done to deserve that. You know, we often think about what have we done to deserve something bad, whenever something is not right. And we, most of the times, tend to overlook good things (like pleasing everyone) and concentrate on bad things. That's it: sometimes we do wrong trying to do right.

When I finally broke out of that relationship, I felt as if I had won a fight against Mike Tyson when, a few rounds before, I had been on the canvas. And that made me feel like Superman. Boy, that's as good as it gets. I promised, I would never let myself down again. Yes, I realized that I was the one to blame for being in that stinking position, since no one but me wanted to do that. So, from then onwards, I concentrated on being myself, letting others know that I, as well as them, had feelings and that whatever I did to please them I was not letting myself down. And that goes to every and each one of you who can pick something up from this story.

I have now a great girlfriend but, from the beginning, I showed her that I was the way I was and that, if we were to take each others hand, we would have to take them knowing that they belonged to someone we knew inside out. Do not try to hide nothing inside, because it's only a matter of time it comes out... Show the other person how you really are. Do not be afraid of being rejected, because if you get rejected, that was meant to be. On the other hand, if you cling together, it's a "Out of this World" feeling. You'll surely know what I'm talking about.

When we find someone who we think it's especial, we tend to do everything within us to please them, often forgetting about ourselves. Do not make this mistake. Think of you as well. Don't get me wrong, but when we meet someone who deserves our innermost attention, try, also, to please yourself.

That's the only way we can reach the highest point of happiness in a relationship. I follow what I think and... so far so good.