My girlfriend is a cow

Written by Lord Lansdowne

My girlfriend's culture believes in arranged marriages. Since she is now 23, her parents are forcing her to get married, or at least find someone. When they told her the first time, she got really angry because she wants to break away from the cultural blindness and do what she wants in her life. She couldn't tell them that she is going out with me, because they don't approve of Inter-racial relationships. In other words, they wouldn't take it too lightly. She told her parents instead that she wanted to finish University and then worry about Matrimony. Her parents wanted her to meet with the parents of the guy they had chosen for her anyway, so that they could look at her and decide if she was good enough for him.

Obviously she complained and said she did not want to go through this, finding it highly offensive and degrading. She felt as if she was a cow in a market for sale. Her parent’s reaction was "then you probably already have a boyfriend that you haven’t told us about!". Afraid that they would figure of her involvement with me, she explained that there was no one else in her life. Her intentions were to delay the wedding and finish University. An explanation which her parents (ironically) bought.

The day came when she had to visit the family of the chosen guy, since he wasn't there. His mother looked at her from top to bottom, almost as if she was a thing more than a person, then looked away. The daughter asked her a few questions on what she was doing.

Apparently, the family did not like my girlfriend for the simple fact that she did not appear to be as submissive as they wanted, she was too tall and did not look the way they wanted.

Just what I wanted to ear, there was nothing to worry about. For the next little while at least. Thinking about it though, I was highly offended anyway of their conclusion.

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