Shaft One Bad Mother...(shut your mouth)ing Movie

Pseudo Movie Reviews

Written by Jeff Wright

How ya'll doin? I haven't been watching a lot of movies lately, so this may be a pretty sparse entry in my oeuvre.

Saw Shaft on Saturday with high hopes, and was let down. I wanted a badass movie, and what I got was pretty close to an assbad movie. Okay, it's not that bad; I just wanted to look mildly retarded/clever in the last sentence. It's just not that good. The blame has to go to John Singleton. The direction just ain't that great, and neither is the writing, which he had a hand in. The script is muddled, and uses the Batman film template of two villains teaming up to go against one guy.

That being said, the two badguys are the best part of the movie. My ying to my yang (or yang to my ying, I don't know, don't care), same name brother, Jeffrey Wright is one hell of a badass, just chewing up everything around him. Christian Bale is also really good, but there isn't that much different in the way he carries himself in this, than how he carried himself in American Psycho (not to say that they're the same character, cuz there are huge differences).

The other rock-ass part of Shaft is Busta Rhymes, who play's Shaft's buddy. It's about time he's in a movie. It's just a shame it had to be this one.

I guess the big question is; "Is Sam, the man?" I guess so. It's just that there's nothing for him to do. I mean, he doesn't even get laid except for during the title sequence. Shaft has to get laid.

Oh well. The main problem with Shaft is its shitty, shitty script. There're too many complications that don't need to be there. I would've been able to watch Shaft happily on video, I think. It'll be a decent rental when it comes out.

On to the next movie. Before anyone gets a chance, I'll say it myself. I'm an idiot. I watched 2001 for the first time on Friday night. I had tried before (4 times if memory serves me correctly), but the first 30 minutes or so is so damn relaxing, that I always got drowsy, and eventually fell asleep. Well, I skipped what I had seen already, and made it through the rest. Holy fucking shit cocks!!! (I don't know either) It's such an amazing film. It never really looked like a Kubrick film to me, from what I had seen, but I'll be damned if it isn't right up there with my favourite Kubrick films. That being said, my favourite Kubrick films are pretty much all of them (Save EWS ((which is improving upon each viewing)), and his first 3 films), trying to take first place at anytime. My favourite is probably Barry Lyndon, but I don't know if I'd go on record with that. Especially with the number or people who hate it.

Anyways, if you haven't seen 2001, please do. Also, please make sure you watch it only in a widescreen version. I know I'm a stickler for original aspect ratios and all, but this film will not be the same film, formatted for that gay little square +.33 on two sides, tv aspect ratio. I'm dying to see it in a theatre now, and damn well better be able to before the end of the year. Everyone in NY, I hate you! I want a Kubrick film festival like you had. Bastards, got brand new prints of Barry Lyndon; and The Shining to boot. BASTARDS!!!!!!! Each and every one of ya's.

Next week, The Talented Mr. Ripley comes out on video (or it may have been this week, I'm going by the DVD date). Do yourselves a favour and rent it. It's a great film, that I'm hoping will find an appreciation on video, since it isn't very well liked from what I gather.

Just wanted to chime in with a CD recommendation, before I throw the keyboard across the room. I just got the new Eminem CD today, and it's funny as hell. "Stan" damn well better be the next single. The video that could be made for that song. Oh god!!! What's Eminem's address? I'm gonna kidnap his wife and fucking kid, so I can direct that video. Cuz writing a letter, obviously ain't gonna do me no good.