CoN at the movies

Part One: Good Movies You Should Watch
Part Two: Some Really Cool Movie News

Written by Jeff Wright

Part One:

I'm not in the mood to write anything profound (like that ever happens anyways, but you know what I mean), so here's a few movies that you may not have seen, that are really good, and you should watch.

1 Deliverance:

Starring John Voight, Burt Reynolds, and Ned Beatty.
Directed by John Boorman.

I bought the DVD last week, and hadn't seen it in a while. Damn this movie still kicks ass. It's one of the best GUY MOVIES ever made, and the opening scene (post credits) puts me in stitches.

2 Short Cuts:

Starring Tim Robbins, Frances MacDormand, and Lyle Lovett (sp?). Directed by Robert Altman.

This is one of my favourite films, and would take a long time to describe. It's a suburban epic. A brilliant film of multiple characters, with intertwining lives. It's Altman at his best, and that's good.

3 Freeway:
Starring Reese Witherspoon, Kiefer Sutherland, and Brook Shields.
Directed by Matthew Bright.

I know I raved about this in length last issue, but it's just that cool. Seriously, rent this movie. It's sooooooooooooooooooooooo cool.

Part Two:

-Music video director Paul Hunter is going to direct the sequel to Blade.

-What's Sam Raimi doing next? He's directing a crime/suspense script, written by my favourite Southern-boy, Billy Bob Thornton. Yeehaw.

-Jay and Silent Bob may make a cameo appearance in Scream 3.

-Not really news, but has anyone seen the tv ad for Man On The Moon where Jim Carrey does the Mighty Mouse bit from SNL? Damn that kicks ass.

-Aarron Eckhart (In The Company Of Men, Your Friends And Neighbours) is in Any Given Sunday (Oliver Stone's upcomming football movie). I think this may have been popular knowledge, but I just read about it today, so it's news to me.