In Defence of Ugliness

Written by Roshni Bajaj

"I look really bad. I want to kill myself and everybody who looks like me what do I do?"(Between the lines summary of agony-aunt-column-addict's letter, drawn from average random lot.)

I really believe that one should do what one really wants to do. Such advice however can hold you guilty for manslaughter, in this case. So let's make a sincere effort to make every ugly person in the world smile stupidly at every reflecting surface.

Remember Sinead O'Connor claim up close and personal (on her hit video by the same name) - 'nothing compares to you'. It always struck me as strange that she said that to all who cared to listen, but that's not what we're discussing here. Look carefully and you will notice that she has practically no hair. It did not fall out. She shaved it. And for a pretty profound reason too. Quote. With hair I look so good that people don't take what I say seriously enough. Unquote.A really ugly person never has that problem. Neither will you ever hear anyone say, "Look at me when I speak to you". Not anyone, except maybe your mother.

You don't threaten anyone. Notice when & how all the women in a room suddenly pull themselves taller and thinner and often pout that millimeter more? Look at the doorway. There are chances that a stunner walked in. If the stunner belongs to the opposite sex, even the men reflect the ritual, sans the pout. Walk into a crowded room to try this out. See how comfortable everyone looks in their skins around you? How happy they are to see you, irrespective of a bad-hair day? You've got a real gift.Now talk. People pay attention to what you are saying. Your high cheekbones do not distract them. Often they are so deeply moved by your words, they close their eyes and let them sink in. If you get carried away you may move them to tears.

This gift goes back to your childhood, perhaps? You would have noticed that you won at classmates' fancy dress that called for shock value.Sometimes, a little shy and unprepared, you came as you were. Yet, they loved every minute of your performance. You walked away with the prize. Even today, when you give in to your little indulgences for fashionable headgear - people look understanding and compassionate.

Love is not a problem. For you it is real. You come with an in-built guarantee against fair-weather friends. You will never be a victim of the superficial and ephemeral 'love at first sight'. You don't need to ask your spouse "Do you love me?" - he / she does - and it does not wrinkle with age. And you look better in the dark, too. You really do!

Participate in interviews, group discussions, contests, competitions. Get real good at them. They will boost your self-esteem. They will reassure you and make you more confident. No one, and I'll bet my life-savings on that, no one will say you won because of a nice face. You will win because of real talent. Then you will go down on your knees and thank life for being good to you. It explains why we don't have to enclose passport sized photographs with our entries and there is justice in the world.