Written by capnasty

T- "So, I understand you'd like to work with our company?"

M- "Yes. I believe I am qualified in the position you have".

T- "I see. And what qualifications do you have?"

M- "Well, I like to shave my testicles, and those of my goats. I also have great experience in networking, by putting two computers in the same room. I think that ribee-ding ding ayee ayee argh. In my last job I realized that my sole purpose in life was to make my bosses life as miserable as possible, and was very good at it, too".

T- "Fascinating. What is your education?"

M- "I drove by Harvard Medical School in 1997. I also saw a flier of the Michigan Institute of Technology. I slept during my New Media course in Centennial College".

T- "Excellent! You are hired!"

M- "Brussel sprouts!"

T- "I understand your excitement. We are a young and strong company. When can you start?"

M- "Hey mucho burro ali`".

T- "Perfect. It has been a pleasure".