Speaking of pounding ass, here comes Stan's little homo dog.

Written by Jeff Wright

Insults among friends. Most are somehow, accusations of being gay, a "faggot", "cocksmoker", "fudge packer" or one of the million other derogatory names for gays. I've got nothing against gays whatsoever (I know that sounds like the classic homophobe trying to hide his hatred for gays by sound politically correct, but it's not). Whether a person is homosexual or heterosexual means nothing in regard to that person's worth as a human being. That's their sexual orientation and they have no say in it. Anyways, back to what I was saying about friends calling each other "faggots" and whatnot. I think the 2 main reasons behind it are the following:

1) The image of going against your sexual preference is not appealing (it's downright repellent). For a guy to suck another guy off, or for a woman to eat another woman out, that would be horrible and disgusting if that person is straight. It's similar to when someone calls another person a "motherfucker". It's repulsive to think about having sex with your mother. The combination of this (for a guy, that's what I am, so that's what I know) is to say that someone fucks their father. It's a combination of the gay image, and of an incestual image.

2) The knowledge that there are many people in the world who don't like gays. So that on top of #1 (just above this one), makes calling someone who doesn't like gays, an insult that will get a reaction, and is therefore very funny.

Oh, and by the by, yes I do partake in calling people "fags", "cocklickers", and other names of the sort. But let it be said that I don't say it to those who I know or assume to be gay (not that I claim you can spot a person who is gay 100% of the time, but you can most of the time so don't give me shit about saying that). I use it only as a good natured insult to my fellow heteros.

Another thing that I find interesting about people's reactions to gays are their acceptance of lesbians over gay men. If someone were to ask me if I found the image of two men having sex attractive, my answer would be "No". But if someone was to ask me about the image of two women having sex... I would have to say that yes, I find it very attractive, actually DOWNRIGHT HOT. A friend of mine argued with me telling me that lesbians shouldn't be attractive to men because in lesbian sex, there's no need for a man. Fine, it's bad in that respect, but I think that may be one of the reasons it's attractive as well. When watching porn, when two women are having sex, you've taken the man out of the movie. No more cock or male ass to look at. Just two beautiful women. That's why I think lesbians are attractive to heterosexual men.

I don't know exactly how I should end this article (I didn't know what to call it either, so I apologize for the title having very little to do with what the article is about). I just wrote about a couple of things related to the issue's topic that weren't really connected. I guess I'll finish the article by saying that I don't think that "Gays and Lesbians" is really a topic, so I don't agree with it being made one by this issue of CoN. They're people. Heterosexuals wouldn't be a topic for an issue, so why would homosexuals?