Wow, Episode 7 Didnt Suck That Much And to be honest, I actually kind of enjoyed myself - Written by Lord Lansdowne

When Episode 7 came out, I wanted nothing at to do with it. Nothing. I read no reviews about it. I didn't use Facebook or Twitter.

Women vs. “Roosh V.” Free Punching Lessons - Written by Leonard Ramos

Women of Toronto declare war against "Roosh V" aka "Daryush Valizadeh", who is currently hiding at his mother's basement in Silver Spring, Maryland. This "Pro-rape" advocate was suppose tod hold a Meet-up in Queens Park (Toronto, Canada) but when Savoy Howe, the owner of "

Mud Hero Urban 2015 - Written by Leonard Ramos

Canada’s premier mud/obstacle event series is going decidedly urban this spring with a race at Toronto’s Ontario Place. Held on May 22nd to 23rd, thousands will have the opportunity to participate in Canada’s only true urban obstacle event “Mud Hero Urban” right in the heart of the city!

International Pillow Fight #pillowfightday Toronto 2015 - Written by Leonard Ramos

On Saturday April 4th 2015, there was massive pillow fight in cities around the world! This is the 7th annual International Pillow Fight Day, and the event attracts tens of thousands of people in 100+ cities each year.

India, a Street Photographers Dream - Written by Leonard Ramos

Going to India is not what I expected… The question I asked myself is "India a developing country, or is it a third world country?" my answer is yes to both.

Facebook Knows I Abandoned It What happens when you uninstall Facebook from your smartphone - Written by Lord Lansdowne

After a factory reset on my phone, instead of immediately signing back on to all my social media, I uninstalled it all. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. All gone.