Review of BenQs treVolo S Portable Electrostatic Bluetooth Speaker A small package that packs incredible highs, unbelievable lows at a very affordable cost - Written by Leo N.

Bluetooth speakers are generally a compromise. You're giving up the high-fidelity in exchange for volume. With the treVolo S, BenQ gives you everything you could possibly want: portability, fidelity, and quality.

Ubuntu 17.10 Artful What the Fuck Aardvark Did anyone test this thing? - Written by Lord Lansdowne

On my trusty desktop I like running Ubuntu's LTS (long term support) version. This means that while I don't get the latest lame-assed eye-candy or that my icons don't go bouncing up and down in the cutest of cute ways, when I need to get shit done I can get shit done because things will consistently work and stay out of my way.

Photos from Miltons 57th Annual Steam Era Show If it was steam powered, it was there - Written by capnasty

Over the Labour Day weekend, the Ontario Steam & Antique Preservers Association held its 57th annual steam era show at the beautiful Country Heritage Park, featuring powerful steam tractors (some sporting a whopping 25 HP) from the late 19th century to beginning 20th century, garden railways, lawn equipment, strange sputtering motors, tractors pulls and threshing competitions.

Troublesome Trucks Or is that troublesome tracks? - Written by Sir Chuggalot

Model railroading is a ridiculously expensive hobby. I'm sure that's true for many other hobbies, too. As a result, making do, finding cheaper alternatives, and reusing go a long way in keeping costs down.

Loneliness is Not an Old Friend To precious Isabella. - Written by Curtis M. Carlson

Loneliness is not an old friend like depression. Depression is the old friend who you know will never forget to stop in and visit. Loneliness is the piece of gravel that the truck kicks up and bounces off the windshield of the car you drive.

I Laid Down my First Piece of Track A commitment has been made - Written by Sir Chuggalot

When I tell people I totally dig model trains, nobody has ever made fun of me. I'm sorry, but if a grown-ass man is playing with electric trains, I'd make fun of me!