Fifty Shades of Hype with test subjects - Written by Lisa Stager

Well, I finally did it. Gave in. Caved like a ubiquitous sinkhole over a Detroit sewer line. It’s true. I just finished reading Fifty Shades of Grey, by E.

I Hate My Old Car And by hate I mean love - Written by Lord Lansdowne

I hate my old car, and by hate I do mean love. You know what I'm talking about. It's the worst piece of junk you've ever set foot in.

Hard question is not What is meaning of life? That is easy question to answer! The Meaning of Life - Written by Lisa Stager

Recently, while sitting in the waiting room of my doctor’s office, I read an article in the November, 2014 Reader’s Digest titled “The Dalai Lama’s Ski Trip” by Douglas Preston.

The Photography of Leonard Ramos Documentary and street photographer - Written by Leo N.

Leonard Ramos is a documentary and street photographer currently based in Toronto, Canada. Specializing in creating unique imagery with focus on high-contrast “black and white” to capture the sole of an individual and rich bold “colour” to capture the unique cultural that surround us.

Designed by Designers, the Hotel Thats Not a Hotel Amsterdams Hotel Not Hotel - Written by Leo N.

Hotels are pretty straightforward: a lobby, a concierge, rows after rows of identical rooms. The aptly named Hotel Not Hotel is none of those things.

There are places that are freer. Living in Turkey as a Woman - Written by Anonymous

I am someone who has lived in the US for 8, Canada for 10, and Germany for a year. Oh, and in Turkey for about 13, plus the three years I've been "