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Aug 5, 2016 2 min read

Wow, Episode 7 Didnt Suck That Much And to be honest, I actually kind of enjoyed myself - Written by Lord Lansdowne

When Episode 7 came out, I wanted nothing at to do with it. Nothing.

I read no reviews about it. I didn't use Facebook or Twitter. I saw no trailers. I punched people in the face when they started talking about it. When you think about it, for a movie like Star Wars to come out and remain ignorant about it for months despite the Internet, social media and standard media, well, that's quite an impressive feat.

Want to know something even more impressive? I have never seen Episode 3. After watching Episode 1 and Episode 2, I called George Lucas and told him I was resigning as a fan. He just chuckled while counting his dollar bills. It's kind of telling when YouTube videos making fun of Star Wars are more entertaining than Star Wars itself.

Albeit it left me scratching my head a few times, Episode 7 is entertaining. But let's not fool ourselves: it follows a tried-and-true recipe that worked the first time. As someone already pointed out, it's basically Episode 4 told all over again. Yes, some of the ingredients are different: Luke is a woman, C3PO is a former trooper, the Death Star is a planet, and you've got a guy with a scary voice wearing a mask who is the bad guy. The main character meanwhile emerges from her backwater planet to discover she is a Jedi. Sounds familiar?

This is actually a pretty great tactic: it's clear who the good and the bad guys are and their respective goals. This way you can focus on enjoying the movie instead of attempting to figure out what's going on. Try doing that with Episode 1. Yeah, I didn't think so.

It's clear Disney went to J.J. Abrams and told him not to mess this up. Buying up Lucasarts cost Disney a lot of money, and making another flop would have probably meant the end of the franchise. Despite the fact that J.J. didn't totally fuck this movie up, it's clear not everyone was happy about it: they've seen this movie before. But if the gross profit made by the movie, no mention of Midi-chlorians, and the lack of extreme fan backlash are any indication, well then Disney... "you're my only hope."

Here's to Star Wars being semi-enjoyable again.