Tim King

Born to a budding artist who gave it all up for Motherhood and Alex from Clockwork Orange who has been reformed by Fatherhood, Tim is the first of two children born on the barren yet scenic coast of Norfolk, England.

He moved to Canada when he was eight and had the unholy snot beaten out of him by nationalist Quebecois for almost two years before his family escaped Montreal to Free Canada. Growing up in Streetsville he had an idealic childhood in which he knocked out his front teeth playing ice hockey; the Canadian dream!

Tim is bitter graduate of Guelph U where he spent a lot of money and got eduacated, but it was all made worthwhile when he discovered a wonderful little thing named Alanna in a Canadian Children's Literature class. They got married and galivanted off to Japan for two years and have since returned to a smaller, darker Canada.

A fierce photographer, angry writer, vicious technologist and politically incorrect philosopher, Tim has no outstanding issues, refuses counciling and is unafraid to chase the puck into the corner.