Rev M.

The Rev M. is a man who lives in America near the confluence of the Missouri River and the Mississippi River. He is a common scoundrel that has much in common with a common grey squirrel in that so much as a common grey squirrel is common and that Rev M. is squirrely. Rev M. tries to be tasteful as he possibly can while at the same time being as offensive as possible. He could be your next door neighbor and would like you to think of him as such. The reason for this is that he is hoping that he can borrow something from you and never return it. Rev M.'s philosophy of life is best understood with around four pints in your gullet, so don't ask until your dumb-buzzed enough to forget it within a few minutes of receiving it. Otherwise it has been said that his philosophy makes absolutely no sense at all.

The Rev M. is also a horrible musician, you may hear his howling at this site:

The Rev M. has had his scribblings published on a few other web publications and recommends these sites for their artistic merit:

Yank The Chain
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