Gard E. Abrahamsen

Gard is a self proclaimed arch-prophet, founder of Scriba Org, maintainer of the "I Love You" page, the main contributor of "Gard's Laws of Love" (hence the name), and an all round awesome dude. Born on the coast of Norway, not too far from the home town of Rollon, who proceeded to conquer Normandy, Gard is also Norwegian, sober, smoke free, in shape, hiking mountains, riding bicycles over long distances, poet, writer, amateur photographer, movie director, unspoken hero, adventurer, monogamous and single. When he is not out conquering the unknown, he likes to climb to the top of Aksla and pray to Thor and Freyr. He enjoys a good Spaghetti Bolognese, nice surprises, good movies, travelling, pen pals, fine art, good humour, stuffed bunnies, hiking mountains and a romantic night in a cabin. He has seen a lot of the world, but feels that there is still lots more to see. He is very grateful for any donations to his travel budget. While his next trip will be a bicycle trip from Paris to Amsterdam, he is planning trips to Cuba, South America, Kazakhstan, Thailand, Turkey and Australia, not necessarily in that order.