It has been once said that...

Rolo was born conjoined at the ass with Olor, his evil twin half. They eventually separated and went their own ways. Born and raised as a first generation flip, he is a Canadian Bacon and is truly an Jack of All trades, ace of nothing.

The ultra rare Rolochu can be found masterminding parties and outings, as well as cooking and hosting for his dear friends. In geek terms, Rolochu is currently a level 28 multiclass character with a penchant for all things pork.

Rolo currently lives (without any roommate whatsoever) at No. 11 Bag End. He has hence journeyed far from deep within the tepid underbelly of Toronto with his two hot and furry little kids Ookie and Zara to seek sanctuary. The other kids went on to be rich and well loved and have never written back.

This churlish behavior is brought to you by the letter R.