Revscrj first realized that words had power when a group of redneckswanted to beat the hell out of him over a poem he wrote in High School.If it weren't for those inbred bastards we wouldn't have the body of work from Revscrj that we do. He thanks them, as do we, for all those years of abuse.

Born in Fresno, CA, Revscrj spent most of his formative years in Monterey, CA and the nearby Big Sur. He has performed in venues around the Peninsula for years, hosting various forums for amateur artists and acquiring hundreds of stage hours in the process. He has attempted to leave the Monterey Peninsula many times but, by his own admission, finds that it's somehow a part of him.

"The place is like a psychic whirlpool
everytime I go I just get sucked right back
??? at least it's pretty...
????????? Thank God I'm not fromBakersfield..."
? -- Revscrj

Revscrj has a unique usage of rhythm and rhyme in his free-verse thatcreates a feeling of natural flow so sweeping that the reader is caughtup in it's tides and pulled this way and that- a feat few artists are ableto achieve- and yet, despite the glaring nature of rhyming verse, thefeeling is of subtlty and path of least resistance. That coupled with a bitter, honest, pointed insight into Human psycology REVSCRJ is probably one of the better examples of what happens to sages in a world of psychosis and weakness.

Revscrj appears in two anthologies:
"Brewing Storms" and "Ignorance, Squalor, Godlessness, and Evil Habits."
"Close Quarters", a collection of his poetry and "In leui of a resume" will be the first publicationsof his collected work.