Ference Calvin

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Now for those who are non-geeks, I will have to actually write something to describe who I am (gosh seriously, what is it with you non-geeks!). So has you might have figured I'm a geek. I have a passion for computers, programming, technology in general and flashy LED's. I love Tarantino and Kubrick movies and I'm a book worm. As of October 2009 I'm 20 years old and currently studying Electronical Engineering.

I'm also a Dungeon Master for the good ol' Dungeon and Dragons 3rd Edition (started on second) and I despise the new edition. My political views are quite apathetic and as for as theology goes well I'm agnostic. On the top of being a geek I consider myself an North American Otaku (there's a distinction between an Jap Otaku and a NA Otaku). I love classical, psytrance and metal and my music will usually tell what mood I'm currently in.

I'm a Star Wars geek and I love Sci-fi and cyberpunk novels and shows (except start treck). Well enough about me... wait this section is about me... hmm... so let's see. I usually dress in all black and hang out with some goths, they're funny. I speak English and French and currently learning Japanese and German (I'm not counting my programming languages in there, cause well... you know... non-geeks can't read geek code!).

I play the violin and I have my nice electric one, the Yamaha SV-150, wine red. Quite nice, just I haven't had much time to play lately. I play many computer games as well and I have a great interest in RPG's and FPS genres. Favorite of all time would probably be Baldur's Gate 2, Morrowind and Daggerfall, System Shock 2 and finally the Thief series. I have an XBOX360 and my gamer tag is "The Vezril". That's about it on me, I might add something in the future, but for now... well nothing ;)

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