Deleting All of Your Facebook Activity is Doable, Just Not Easy


Thu, Jan 2nd, 2014 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Slate's Jennifer Golbeck decided to delete all of her Facebook activity to have a fresh start. She soon discovered that the process -- while doable -- was actually quite hard.

If I had my way, Facebook would have a hard and fast expiration date for posts. I generally don’t want most of what I say hanging around longer than I’d keep eggs in the fridge. Sure, some links and videos are worth revisiting—but does anyone really care that I was tired on that Monday in 2008?

But most of our Timelines are full of this rotting nonsense. There’s no value in it for me, nor for my friends either, most likely. I’ll grant the infrequent occasion for someone to think, “I remember an awesome video that Jen posted last year—let me go find it on her Timeline!” But most of those posts are digital clutter. They aren’t interesting, especially when they’re taken out of the context in which they were originally posted. I have celebrations of past Washington Capitals victories, well wishes for friends running marathons, and inane comments about the weather. I see no reason to preserve this for posterity, and since it's my data, I want to be in control of its disposal.



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