Google Wants to Start Building Robots


Thu, Dec 5th, 2013 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

Led by Andy Rubin, "the engineer who spearheaded the development of Android," Google is reportedly planning in having "a major role in making robotics happen. Not just robotic cars, but actual robots." To start this process, Google has acquired seven robotics companies. From the article in The New York Times:

Mr. Rubin has secretly acquired an array of robotics and artificial intelligence start-up companies in the United States and Japan.

Among the companies are Schaft, a small team of Japanese roboticists who recently left Tokyo University to develop a humanoid robot, and Industrial Perception, a start-up here that has developed computer vision systems and robot arms for loading and unloading trucks. Also acquired were Meka and Redwood Robotics, makers of humanoid robots and robot arms in San Francisco, and Bot & Dolly, a maker of robotic camera systems that were recently used to create special effects in the movie Gravity. A related firm, Autofuss, which focuses on advertising and design, and Holomni, a small design firm that makes high-tech wheels, were acquired as well.

The seven companies are capable of creating technologies needed to build a mobile, dexterous robot. Mr. Rubin said he was pursuing additional acquisitions.



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