MOSS: Modular Robot Kits


Wed, Nov 13th, 2013 12:00 by capnasty NEWS

Looking like M-Blocks on steroids, the MOSS - The Dynamic Robot Construction Kit by Modular Robotics allows you to build robots that require no coding, wires or "oodles of configuration" and can be controlled via Bluetooth using a smartphone. The project is currently seeking your financial support on KickStarter.

Yellow faces conduct power. If you look at the BATTERY module, you'll see that it has only yellow faces; this module's main purpose is to supply power to other modules. To power up a MOSS module like a SPIN, for instance, you'll need to connect one of its yellow faces directly or indirectly to one of the yellow faces on a BATTERY module. Blue and green faces conduct data: blue is data output and green is input. If you want a DISTANCE sensor to control the speed of a SPIN, for instance, you'll need to connect the DISTANCE's blue data out to the SPIN's green data input. Get it? There's only one more face, the pink passthrough face, which can pass any signal, either power or data. If your BATTERY is a few modules away from something you need to power, use the pink faces on a FLEXIBLE module (or a few single cubes in series) to transfer the power.



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