25 Percent of Young Adults Aged 18-24 Walk a Mere 5 Minutes a Day Because of Technology


Mon, Oct 21st, 2013 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

cnet reports on a survey from the UK which indicates that young adults "aged 18-24 walk only when they absolutely, positively have to. Yes, 25 percent walk only a mere 5 minutes every day."

Research in the UK suggests that those aged 18-24 have given up on what some regard as a life essential: walking.

The evidence revealed that a quarter of Britain's future adults walk for an average of only 5 minutes every day.

One assumes that this is to the fridge and back, to the fridge and back. However, parents in this survey were convinced that the reason for such indolence was, stunningly, technology.

Why walk to find a friend, when they're right with you in your little metal box? Why walk to mail a letter when you can send whatever you like from the comfort of your sheets?



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