How to Make iOS7 Squircles Using CSS3


Sat, Oct 19th, 2013 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

On The Code Player, Puneet Pugalia demonstrates how to create squircles -- the name of Apple's iOS7 icons -- to give them that look that combines the features of both the circle and a square. Fascinating to watch the progress with the animated walkthrough.

If you have noticed iOS 7 app icons, they are not normal squares with rounded corners. They are squircles which have properties of both a circle and a square.

This demo is an attempt to achieve a similar effect using CSS3. Pseudo elements are used to create 2 fish eye shapes which are later clipped to make the sides of the suqare a bit curved.

Why the fascination for these rounded icons? Science answers that questions: reportedly, the human brain tends to call things beautiful when the design is round rather than linear, evoking a hard-wired emotional response from the brain.

[...] Time and again, when people are asked to choose between an object that's linear and one that's curved, they prefer the latter. That goes for watches with circular faces, letters rendered in a curly font, couches with smooth cushions--even dental floss with round packaging.

Recently neuroscientists have shown that this affection for curves isn't just a matter of personal taste; it's hard-wired into the brain. [...]



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