MakeSpace: Real World Cloud Storage


Sat, Sep 28th, 2013 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

MakeSpace takes the concept of a storage facility and blends it with Dropbox. The system works this way:

MakeSpace drops off bins at a customer’s residence and either waits half an hour for them to pack them, or schedules a pick-up at a later date. The content of the bins are labeled and MakeSpace records which bins belong to which person before they are stored. In order to get any boxes back, the customer just has to hit “Retrieve” on the site.

The cost for four bins, each of which occupy about three cubic feet, is $25 per month. Each additional bin is $6.25. Pick-ups are free, while deliveries cost $29.

The thinking runs a little deeper than un-cluttering houses, though. MakeSpace is meant to be something like real world cloud storage, like Dropbox for real life. A service like MakeSpace allows us to be less tied down by our physical possessions, Rosen explained. When you want to retrieve something, it should be as easy as pressing a button. There’s also the potential down the line to give friends access to MakeSpace storage, as though they were coming over to borrow something.



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