Benjamin Klass' Response to Bell's Open Letter to Canadians


Thu, Aug 22nd, 2013 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

If you've read Bell Canada's plea to Canadians by President and CEO George Cope about what a great job they've been doing (honest!) and how hard this market is already without Verizon coming over, check out the response by Benjamin Klass, on how Bell never actually played fair either.

- On how Big Telecom never paid a fair price for its existing spectrum: "Bell didn't get most of that spectrum by paying market price, but through a 'beauty contest'... for pennies compared to market value"

- On how Bell's network fails rural Manitobans: "you've chosen to only cover the most densely populated (and most profitable) areas of the province while ignoring places like Thompson, Churchill and the Whiteshell".

- On how Bell's track record of squashing new entrants: "After every challenger contesting your dominance of the wireless market has been bought out or squashed, is it any wonder that the government wants to act to promote real competition?"

- Ben's conclusion?: "Your company, along with Canada's other major wireless providers, have had 30 years to address this situation. But you've failed... It's time for a change."



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