"One Lovely Day in the Life..." A Day in the Life of a Professional Illustrator


Wed, May 29th, 2013 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

A very lovely video on the i (heart) odd-toed ungulates showcasing a day in the life of Natalya Zahn, professional illustrator. Music is by the great Sea and Cake.

I was asked recently by a friend (and elemetary school art teacher) to create a short video for her students of my life as a professional illustrator: How does one day unfold for me; where do I collect inspiration; what sort of tools are specific to what I do; what DO I do - and what ever do I even look like?! These are big questions, with potentially complicated answers, and the truth is - I do a wide variety of things in order to keep the lights on and Oscar well fed. It seems I have fewer and fewer "typical" days... but if you asked me to generalize for a moment and describe a single, quintessential day, I'd quickly use words to paint a picture of what's been neatly put into moving images above.



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