People Getting Hit by a Bus: A Supercut


Thu, Feb 7th, 2013 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

You know that saying that you should wear clean underwear just in case you get hit by a bus? Well, YouTube user hh1edits has put together a super cut of people getting hit by a bus from many movies and shows. And judging from the result, I seriously doubt it matters if your underwear is clean or not. Just be warned, some are gruesome.

Are you familiar with the movie and television trope in which someone is unexpectedly hit by a bus or other large vehicle? I'm sure that two or three instances of it immediately come to mind (and they're assuredly in the video). We see it all the time (and it's almost always effective), but I had no idea just how often it is employed until Harry compiled practically every instance ever of the trope into this supercut. It's one of those brilliant video edits that lows up the trope, exposes it for the narrative manipulation that it is, and renders it null. You will never be able to see it again without thinking of this video, and how overused the trope has become.



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