“Instagram Didn't Get the Tone Wrong.”

On Instagram's Questionable ‘Thank You and We're Listening’ Response


Wed, Dec 19th, 2012 20:00 by capnasty NEWS

On the Asbury & Asbury blog, a fascinating opinion piece on how Instagram didn’t get their tone wrong with their new terms and conditions — those were clear and concise. The error lies, instead, with the content itself of that agreement. Great analysis of Instagram’s response as well:

There is a lot wrong with the content of the [terms and conditions], at least according to thousands of Instagram users. But that’s not a language issue — it’s a policy issue. Any writers trying to use this as an example of the importance of ‘tone of voice’ are misinterpreting the problem. To an expert in tone of voice, every problem looks like a tone of voice issue.

The situation isn’t helped by Instagram’s disingenuous ‘clarification’, which tries to imply that this was all a miscommunication caused by ‘confusing’ language.

Again, this statement from Instagram has been hailed in various places as a good example of crisis communication — clear and helpful in the way the Ts and Cs weren’t.

But again, this is completely wrong. The Ts and Cs were absolutely clear, even if their content was controversial.

By contrast, the ‘clarification’ is slippery, mealy-mouthed and contradictory.



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