"The loving and lasting solution for your mechanical bereavement." Bicycle Taxidermy


Sun, Nov 18th, 2012 11:00 by capnasty NEWS

The Bicycle Taxidermy website provides a place to honour your once prized but long discarded mountain and road bikes.

I can provide a couple of services. The first is a taxidermy service for client's retired steeds. An epitaph, saying what you wish, is engraved in stainless steel of the horned beast's legacy. It can be backed on either a scorched or bleached European oak plaque sealed with natural beeswax, a couple of 22 or 28mm chromed fixing brackets and a wall mount. We can send this piece out to you; you can send us the handlebars or if you visit a couple of affiliated bike reclaimant shops they'll buy the rest of the bike off you and we'll collect and mount the handlebars from them before sending them, mounted back to you.

The second is for purpose made mounts; the same mounting strategy can be applied to newly sourced handlebars. I focus on chromed Chopper, Cruiser, Pursuit, Butterfly and Dropped bars. Others can be used but I've found these to be the best.



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