Sesame Street's Big Bird Deals With Sandy Destroying His Nest


Thu, Nov 8th, 2012 21:00 by capnasty NEWS

According to Entertainment Weekly, Sesame Street will air a "hurricane special." The special will feature a "devastating hurricane that rips through Sesame Street, destroying Big Bird's nest and leaving his entire neighborhood in chaos."

For this latest airing, the show's team excised the portion about hurricane preparation and edited the hour so that it focuses on Big Bird's loss -- his nest is ruined, and after it's been repaired, he returns home only to find that the nest still isn't safe for habitation. (A city nest inspector tells Big Bird that its mud isn't dry yet.) The show's new opening and transitions have also been incorporated. The result is a powerful hour that will resonate with anyone suffering a loss caused by Sandy -- or another natural disaster.

Putting this special together on short notice -- and in a largely power-less New York City -- wasn't easy. The show's tapes were stranded in a storage facility in Long Island City, Queens; its lead editor was trapped in Hoboken, one of New Jersey's hardest-hit cities; its assistant editor was hit by a car while riding a bike from her home in Brooklyn to Sesame Street's offices in Manhattan. Still, the team managed to pull together and create something to be proud of. "Nobody even blinked an eye," Zylstra recalls. "If you said, 'Sorry, we need you to come over from Hoboken, and we know you've got no power at home, and we know you have to climb over sandbags to get out of your house..."



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